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Services Offered

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Therapy Services

I know a lot about the unique challenges for young people today, and many of those challenges are extremely consequential going forward in life, in finding one’s direction and place. How we deal with experiences such as bullying and cyber bullying, academic pressures, parental expectations, body-image issues, stress-related disorders, and teenage social dynamics, sets us up for later success or ongoing complications. These stressors are sensitive, scary, and overwhelming topics, and as a result it can sometimes be difficult or embarrassing for young people to communicate with their families, teachers, or other supports about such topics. At these times, it may be helpful to sit down with a therapist to look at how to navigate these problems. I specialize in providing emotional support paired with a collaborative approach with youth and families to understand and clarify how to work with behaviour problems, adjustment disorders, and relationship difficulties.

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***Assessment services will start in late Fall 2022. Waitlist inquiries are welcomed now.***

I have expertise in psychological evaluations and feedback for children, adolescents, and college/ university students with learning disabilities, attentional difficulties and anxiety about school and studies. Academic pressures and their expression are as individual and debilitating as any other stress may be, leading prompt identification and assistance to be of vital importance. While it can be daunting to participate in an evaluation, it can also be an eye-opening experience, learning about strengths and weaknesses, creating effective interventions, and setting new, exciting and achievable goals for the future. Upon completing the evaluation, I always take all the time needed for everyone to discuss and understand the results of the assessment, and appreciate ways in which we can capitalize on an individual’s strengths.


Consultation/ Workshops

I am available for consultation or workshops with schools or community organizations.  Topics of interest and expertise include childhood anxiety, impact of pandemic stressors on youth mental health, and challenges of transition to college or university. I am also available for supervision or consultation with practitioners in training.

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